Thursday, March 18, 2010

A sad day at the Morgan house...

So when we moved into our new house about two years ago, one of the first things we wanted to do was get a dog. Before we had rented, and we were not able to have pets. Sarah and I had both grown up with dogs, so we both wanted one.

We went to the shelter and found a lovable little mutt. We think Alli is a beagle/Jack Russell mix. We got her home, and she quickly became a part of our family. She was a little klingy, but sweet. We were a little worried how she would act around the baby when we brought him home.

So Eli comes, and we bring him home. The dog sniffs him a little and that was that. They got along great! Oh what a relief. Well that all changed as soon as Eli became mobile. He would want to chase the dog. And when he was just crawling, that was okay, because the dog could easily get away from him. But after Eli was able to walk, the dog avoided him most of the time. Now there were times they would play with Eli chasing the dog through the kitchen, into the dining room and then to the living room. Then back to the kitchen. Around and around they would go.

Then a couple of weeks Eli discovered the dogs tail. We tried to keep him from grabbing her tail. But one time he held on a little too long. She turned and nipped at his hand. We punished the dog, and thought maybe Eli had learned his lesson. He DID! He stopped doing that.

Then about a week ago I got a call from Sarah. She said, "The Dog IS GONE!" So of course I said what did she do. Unprovoked she bit Eli while he was just petting him. So we called a rescue near us, and gave up Alli.

We dropped her off. It was very sad. As we walked away we could hear her whining. It was really tough on us both. But when it comes to my child's safety we can replace a dog. And at the rescue they will be able to find her a home where SHE will be happier.

So I thought I would include a little slide show of our little pup we here's Alli...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Winery...

I have to start by saying I have NEVER found a wine I like. And I have tried many. My mother-in-law likes wine. And I would make fun of her over and over again for drinking wine. Call her a wino, ask her if it tastes better out of a brown paper bag. All the wino jokes I could think of. Over the past few months my wife has tried different wines, and found a few she liked. I would try them, and usually either spit them out, or need to rinse down the taste with something better.

This past weekend she asked what we were doing. I told her I had no idea. For the past two weeks she has been looking at the Indiana Winery directory online. So we get up Saturday and drop off Eli off at Mamaw and Papaw's house. And we are off for a date day.

I looked at the directory and tried to decide where to go. I decided to go to Modoc, IN. Modoc is south east of Muncie on Highway 1. Now when I was a kid we went camping in Modoc. They had a nice little camp ground with Chucker Golf. So I look at a map, and come to realize that the winery is just about a mile away from the camp ground.

So we head south on Highway 1. (actually when I say that to my wife, I sing it like the Journey song) and make it to Modoc in about an hour. We follow the directions to the winery, and pull up to this farm house, past the barn to the winery. Wilson Wines!

It was a small building with a stage out front. We go inside and begin talking with one of the wine makers. We tell him we are both new to this wine thing. I tell him I have never found a wine I like. He says that he is on a mission to find a wine I like. I have to tell you I had my doubts!

So he starts pouring samples of some different white wines. Most were awful to me. My wife found a couple that she liked, but I still was sticking to my belief that I hate wine. So John, the wine maker asked what drinks I like. I tell him, like John Wayne, I want Whiskey or Beer. A smile crosses his face..."I know the wine you will like, but we are not going there yet...Let's try a couple more first."

The red wines come out, and I found one that was really good. It was called Richard Red. I say..."You found it!" John responds, that's not the one I was thinking, try this. It was an Elderberry wine. It was fabulous. It was strong, about 19% alcohol, so it had a little of the burn of whiskey, but was sweet with a great aftertaste. So we buy a couple of bottles. The Richard Red and the Elderberry.

One really neat thing that Wilson Wines does is during the summer they have concerts and B.Y.O.M. (Bring your own meat). They have grills to cook on, music, and of course you can buy some wine. Really neat. If you have a day, head to Modoc and check out Wilson Wines! I'm a fan!

Now my wife is ready to head to another winery for our next date day. I am actually excited to go. I hate to say it but, now I like wine.