Friday, October 22, 2010

It's The Great Pumpkin...

So it is getting to be Halloween time, so a couple weeks back we decided to get Eli his first pumpkin to carve. We headed to the pumpkin patch. Sarah found 1 Fun Farm. Not only did they have a pumpkin patch, but they had fun events for the kids. So we got together with our friends, Farm Boy, and Farm Girl, and headed to Farmland to the 1 Fun Farm.

Wow was this place great! They had fun activities for the kids. They had a Corn a sand box, only filled with Corn. They had a huge slide made from a drain pipe. Plus the Cow Train, three little pigs, and the corn maze. One of my favorites was the duck races with the old water pumps. You can see all the fun in the slide show below!

So then a few weeks later, we got together with our new neighbors, who just happen to have a little boy just a little bit older than Eli. Their son needed his pumpkin, so we headed to a different pumpkin patch! This time we headed to
Drennn's Pumpkin Kingdom.

This was another great pumpkin patch. We took a hay ride, got a couple more pumpkins and even picked up some apple cider.
But the highlight for me was the Trebuchet. What is that you ask? It is a siege engine used during the middle ages. It used counterweight to launch rocks, or whatever at the opposing forces. In the case of the trebuchet at Drennen' launches pumpkins!!! How sweet is that! The has a small one, but it would still launch the small pumpkin a couple hundred feet.

Even though I didn't get to use the launcher, it was fun to watch. But we recently carved up the pumpkins we had...and they all turned out really good. That is mine on the left...looking evil. Sarah's is in the middle, and Eli's of course had to be Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So the pumpkins experience was a great one!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More fights...

Yeah, another black eye. About a month ago, Eli got me again.

This time, playing on the bed in the "Man Cave." Yes, I have a Man cave in the house, and the bed is there for all the times I make Sarah mad.

So it was about bed time, and Eli and I were back in the man cave playing. We were hiding under a blanket so he didn't have to go to bed. He thought this was very funny. I tell him to yell at mommy.

So Eli pops up from under the blanket. "Mooooooommmmmmmmmy!!!"

From the other end of the house, Sarah yells back, "Eli, I'm gonna get you"

Eli grabs the blanket, and flings himself back onto the bed to hide under the blanket.

BAM. Back of his hard little head into my eye socket.

After I stop seeing stars, I slowly get up out of the bed, and grab a bag of ice, sitting there thinking, yep, he got me again.

I love it when people would say to me, "So what's the other guy look like" I say, "Short and cute with a hard little head"

A little preview, coming soon, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and a trip to Oubache State Park.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Church singing debut...

OK, so I love to sing. And some people say I am halfway decent at it. So when our pastor at Church started to do a sermon series on David, I knew that I should sing a song that I have been listening to for about a year.

I talked with Lance, the bald guy below playing guitar with me, and we worked out the song. He got Bud, the lead picker, to learn the solo part, and away we went. We practiced the Wednesday night before my performance, ran through it a couple times, and then Sunday before we started services, we ran through it one more time.

First service went pretty good, but second service was much better in, my opinion. You can tell me what you think. Here is my video of the song Blind Man written by Tom Skinner, in the style of Stoney Larue.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black Eye #2

So a few months back, Eli caught me with headbutt and I had the first black eye of my life. Well about a week ago, we were in the "Man Cave" playing around on the spare bed. (Yes I keep it in the Man Cave in case Sarah gets mad at me.) It was close to bed time, so Eli was hiding under the blanket so he didn't have to go to bed. I was under the blanket with him. He was laughing SOOOO much! Mommy was in the living room. I tell Eli to yell at Mommy...

So he pops up from under the blankets..."MOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY"

Sarah yells back..."I'm gonna get you"

So what does Eli do, he grabs the blankets and flings himself backwards ready to hide again. Well, my face got in the way of his hard little head. It nearly knocked me out...

So from now on, we play a little more carefully!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back from the Circus...

OK, not the circus, but life feels like I have been thrown to the lions. But in a good way.

There have been some major changes at work. First and for most we are now live and local through the day! This is something I was wanting for years. We now program all the music locally, and we have local jocks here. Yee-Haw!

Plus we have a new station website. We are still filling in all the gaps there, but all in all it is GREAT!

In my personal life...Sarah is back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 months. That was a hard change for her. She misses spending the day with Eli, but some days she is happy to get out of the house.

Eli is back in Daycare, and loving it...most of the time. He is also in "pre-school" at Day Care. He is counting on his own, trying to do the alphabet, and growing up REALLY fast.

We recently went to a pumpkin patch, he gave me another black eye and more to come in posts coming to a blog near you.

All a fun part of my life in Headphones.