Friday, June 4, 2010

Eli's First Hair Cut

So Sarah (my wife) and I finally come to the decision to cut Eli's hair. It was getting really crazy! The curls were sticking out from his ears. So then we had to decide where to take him. Sarah was talking with her mom, and found out that a place where they lived did a special certificate with the first curls in an envelope attached to the certificate. So we set up the appointment for a Saturday so we could go to the in-laws and get the hair cut and then go swimming. Since I needed a haircut as well, we thought that Eli would do better if he saw me getting my cut.

So we get to the Wooden Nickel Salon and get up in the chair. They break out the booster seat for Eli. I didn't need one. They start of on me. I am watching Eli, and he likes the spray bottle. That is fun! He has his toy car with him. He plays with that, and really didn't pay much attention to the lady cutting his hair in the back.

When she got around to the front, his didn't like it as much, so the ladies cutting his hair, break out the secret weapon...

Yep...Nilla Wafers. He was going to town eating them. As long as he had a mouth full of cookies, he was fine. All except the clippers around his ears. But, really who likes that anyway. All in all he was a big boy, and now looks like a little man instead of a baby. You can see the whole process below.

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And the final and Eli with our haircuts!

Another milestone for my little man, as I live my life in Headphones....