Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My TV Addiction

So the fall season is here, and that means all your favorite TV shows are back. So what are we watching in our house…LOTS! Thanks to the DVR we get double the pleasure.

Here’s a run down of some of our favorite shows…

1. Survivor. Far and away the Number one show each week in our house. It doesn’t matter what season, we are hooked. I have not missed a season since season 2. I know I didn’t see the first, but haven’t missed on since.

2. The CBS Monday night comedies. How I Met Your Mother. Love the whole set up of telling stories to his kids. Two and A Half Men. OK…not as good with Ashton Kutcher, but still funny. Ready for the return of Mike and Molly. A really funny show!

3. The Big Bang Theory. I consider myself a little bit of a nerd. So to see these “nerds” doing all the nerdy stuff makes me feel a little bit better about myself!

4. CSI – Yes, I still watch. I have not seen a new episode with Ted Danson. That might be the end for me. Lawrence Fishburne was good. We will have to see if Ted can step up.

5. Up All Night – Becoming a new favorite for the wife and I since we are raising a little one.

6. Criminal Minds – I know it has a lot of blood and guts, but wow is it “edge of your seat” suspenseful.

7. The Sing-Off – This is an incredible singing competition. There is no band, no backup tracks. Just people singing all the different parts. Really good!

8. The Amazing Race – So we are hooked on reality TV. Can’t help it. They get to see parts of the world I will never see. One I look forward to all week!

9. Top Shot – OK, this is an all John pick. A shooting competition. LOVE IT!

10. Storage Wars – This one started out as a John show, but after watching it a few times, Sarah got hooked. People buying storage lockers that are in default. You would not believe the things they find in those things.

11. Law and Order: SVU – So this is the opposite of the other…This was a Sarah show that she got me hooked on.

12. And one I am going to give a try…The Playboy Club. I have a couple on the DVR, but as of yet, not got a chance to watch an episode. So we will see!

So all these tied in with Eli watching Super Why, Mickey Mouse Club House, and Looney Tunes, we have a busy TV schedule. But honestly Eli gets about an hour of TV a day because he would rather be outside. And Sarah and I only get to watch about an hour and a half of TV before I go to bed. Thanks to the DVR we have TV all summer to catch up on!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Proud Parenting Moments..

Vol 1.

So this past weekend, the weather was beautiful...when I say beautiful, I mean upper 60's, and breezy! I love fall.

So I let our little Boston Terrier out to go potty. Like every other time I let the dog out, our little 2 1/2 year old wants to go outside with me.

So no problem, I let go out with me. The dog does his business, and I tinker around on the deck for a minute or two to let the boy play outside for just a few minutes. When I feel like it is time to go back into the house, I tell Eli, come on buddy, back in the house. Like other 2 or 3 year olds, he doesn't want to...so I start doing what most parents my age do...I start counting...

Eli knows that if I get to three he is not going to be a happy boy.

1...Eli, come on buddy.


He goes right through the front door, and no problems.

Then I look at the dog.

"Tank, it's time to go in the house"...Sometimes he likes to play outside, but since he doesn't like to stay in the yard if left alone, I look at the dog again...

"Tank, HOUSE NOW"...

"ONE, why in the heck am I counting to the dog"...I go in the house and get the remote to his training collar, and he comes running in the house...

Vol. 2

So the very next day, Eli and I are out playing in the yard. We are playing with his big dump truck, and then he decides that we need to play ball. So I go get his Sesame Street ball. Just a normal kick ball. We are kicking it back and forth to each other. Then he wants daddy to kick it really hard.

It goes flying across the driveway into the side yard. We both run over to get it and kick it again. Then Eli learns that he can kick it into the shed and it will bounce back, and you can kick it again. So we do that for a while, and then we are kicking it back and forth again.

So Eli is far away from me. He kicks it to me, and then tells me to kick it back.

I have my eye on the ball, I am concentrating on making it a good kick. I connect perfectly with the ball. It was a kick that the kids on the playground of elementary school would have been proud of. The one thing I didn't notice was Eli was running towards me....

The ball flies right into his face....he doesn't even fall, he doesn't even cry...

He looks at me and says..."Ouch, that funny daddy."

All I could do was laugh. Does that make me a bad parent?

When I told my wife, she laughed too...does that make her a bad parent?