Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How did I become a "Soccer Dad?"

Fall in Indiana use to mean football...but for this Hoosier dad, it's all about Soccer.  My oldest, Eli just finished up baseball.  Second place in the championship, I was proud of our team.  But just a week after we hung up the mitt and bat, we got the shin guards and cleats out for the season.

When I was a kid, I saw a few soccer balls on TV.  Daniel, the Karate Kid, did some good tricks kicking it up in the air, but that was about it.  Even when I was in high school, we didn't have a team until my Senior year.  And even then, it was co-ed.

But last summer when we asked our son if he wanted to play soccer, he was super excited.  The first practice he was so comfortable.  He got the nickname "Thunder Foot."  An I started to really get into it.

Now in the league he played in, they "didn't keep score".  But parents certainly kept score.  He did really well, and loved playing.

This year he is moving up a division, and I am excited to see him progress.

Never thought I would get excited about Soccer...but this Soccer dad has his bag chair in the back of the jeep, and I am ready to cheer on my little guy in soccer!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Just trying to help...It's what I do...

So we all get those scam calls on our cell phones.

"You qualify for the government to give you three million dollars!"

"A rich lady in South Africa wants to send you a bazillion dollars, all we need is your social security number!"

Most of the time you just hang up...not be!  I love life.

So earlier today my phone rings "unknown"...Yep, I answered it.  A man, with a thick Muslim accent, obviously in a call center comes on the line.  His name is Charles Sampson, (yeah right!)

"Hello sir this is Charles Sampson, and I am calling for Publisher's Clearing House.  You have heard of us, right?

Me - "Sure I have.  Is it my lucky day?"

CS - "Sir I am calling to inform you that you have won one of the prizes in our big giveaway.  Do you have a pen and a clean piece of paper?" (I am not sure why the paper had to be clean.)

Me - "Give me just a second Chuck so I can find the paper, and make sure it is clean.  Is it okay if I call you Chuck?"

CS - "That's fine sir, just let me know when you are ready to write something down."

Me - "OK, got a pen, and a piece of paper, but it's not that clean, will that be okay?"

CS - "Oh, yes, write down this number for your prize code"

Me - "Ready when you are Charlie, can I call you Charlie?"

CS - "Here is the prize code, (reads off a series of numbers and letters). Now, I am going to give you a toll free number you need to call to claim your prize."

Me - "Well Charlie, why do I need to call a separate number if I am already of the phone with you?"

CS - "Oh, sir, I just am the delivery man for the prizes, you have to call this number to claim the prize."

Me - "Chuck, if you are the delivery man, just swing it by my house....you have my address don't ya."

CS - "Oh, sir that is not the procedure"

Me - "OK Charles...let me help ya hear...if you are going to run a phone scam, you need to tighten up your game a little bit.  Too many holes in your story...Lets work on that for the next guy..."

At this point he told me to do something to my mother that I AM SURE is against their Muslim religion, and hung up on me...

See what happens when I try to help people...

Friday, January 25, 2013

A change for the better!

So with a new year, a lot of people join gyms...and my wife and I are no different.  We started in the middle of January.  And so far, I have to say, I LOVE IT!  I have no dreams of being a body builder, or even running a marathon, but I want to get in better shape.  That is my goal.

We have a schedule worked out, and I go three times a week.  It gives me a chance to have a break from the kids, and just get everything off my mind.

In no means am I an aerobic superstar, but I am getting better every day.  I usually walk/jog on the treadmills.  I love to do a few miles on a bike, and even lift a few weights from time to time.  I just want to lose the gut, and be able to run after the kids without requiring oxygen.

So wish me luck.

And yes, I take my headphones a long to enjoy some music.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Leah is on the move!

So earlier in the week, Leah turn 9 months old.  And just days before she did, she started crawling.  This is going to mean lots of getting up and down to keep her out of things.  Sarah and I were thinking back to when Eli started crawling.  He was a really good baby.  Not getting into much.  Listening when we told him no....

Leah is the complete opposite.  Over and over again she will get into the same things.  And when she gets something she is not suppose to, out come the tears.  She makes it sound as if we are beating her.  She has her mother's mood!  Just kidding honey!

But here are a few shots of our little crawler!

So for now, I am having to take off the headphones to go chase down my little girl.  I will have an Eli update soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Trip to Cleveland..

Last year JB, one of my co-workers invited me to a Cleveland Browns game.  Since I am a Titan's fan, I said sure.  The Titans took it to Cleveland, and we got a big win.

So last week, I asked JB if Cleveland was at home on Sunday.  He said they were, and asked if I wanted to go.  I asked who they were playing...he tells me Buffalo.  I said, sure, why not.  So Sunday morning I got up early and met JB for the 4 hour trip to Cleveland.

JB has a routine on game day.  He always parks in the same lot.  Goes to the same bar before the game, and then makes the trek through the wind off Lake Erie to Browns Stadium.

Once inside we get a Jumbo Brown Dog, with Brown Mustard, and take our seats.

Once in the stands, you realize that Buffalo is only 3 hours away from Cleveland.  That means a lot of Bills fans in the stands.  And were they rowdy.  Chants of "Let's Go Buffalo" were heard over and over again.  Browns fans were cussing at Bills fans, Bills fans are saying things like "meet me in the parking lot after the game."  It was kinda wild.

The game was a typical browns game.  The fans in Cleveland are a different kind of fan.  They will love their team win things are going good, and as soon as there is one bad play, they will turn on them.  It is like a love hate relationship.  It is fun to watch.

When all was said and done, Cleveland lost 24-14.  So following JB's tradition, we went back to his favorite bar for about an hour, and then as we leave Cleveland it means a stop by Outback.  Once we feed, time for the long drive home.  It is always good time in Cleveland, even if they lose!

When they lose, the fans are made, but they always seem to come back.  Last year a comedian filmed himself in front of Brown Stadium.  It pretty much puts in all in perspective!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Joys of Small Town Living!

I grew up out in the country, and I loved it.  With a 10 acre woods behind my house I always had something to do.  From hunting raspberries to climbing trees, there was no other place I would have wanted to grow up!

A few years ago when we started looking for a house we looked at some "country" houses, but couldn't find anything we liked enough.  So we settled for a house in a small town.  Right across the street is a city park, and trust me...with a 3 year old, we use it a lot!

Earlier this summer when the heat was so bad, we saw a group show up at the city park across the street from our house.  I remembered seeing a flier at the local grocery store about "Water in the Park."  So we went over to check it out.

With temperatures in the upper 90's with high humidity the local volunteer firemen decided to do this event.  They hooked up their trucks to a fire hydrant, and then ran hoses out into the lawn of the park.  They turned things on, and boom, water in the park!  They had the two sprayers, and then they got one mounted on top of the truck and made quite a shower.  When they gave the go ahead, the kids went nuts running through the water!  And did they ever!

Eli was a little nervous to go by himself, so I decided that it wouldn't kill me.  We ran to the water and right away we started having fun.  And trust me I wasn't the only adult enjoying the "kids" day at the park.

After a couple of runs with Dad, Eli was ready to go on his own.  He ran and ran through the water.  After a little while they pulled out a 4 foot wide plastic table runner, and turned it into a slip and slide.  The kids really had a good time with that.

After a while was SOAKED!  He said it was one of the best days ever!
The community really enjoyed the water, and they had popcorn and drinks for everyone.  When I take the headphones off, I am happy to hang them up in a small town!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our newest little bundle of joy...

So when I last left you, I told you I was going to introduce our newest addition!  Leah, our daughter was born back in April.  And here she is!
We have had here around for 3 months now, and it has been a change in the house.  I can honestly tell you we were spoiled by our first child.  Eli was much easier that Leah has been.  But now we do get to sleep through the night, so that is good.
She is getting along great with the dog.  As you can see, and Eli is loving being a big brother.  He likes to give us "play-by-play" of what she is doing.  We will be driving down the road, and here Eli say, "Leah is asleep", or "Leah is sucking her thumb."

But he loves to love on her.  He wants to help.  He likes to get stuff for her.  He even throws diapers away...as long is they are just wet.

All in all, we could not be happier as a family.  We are truly blessed to have our little boy, and our baby girl!