Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Joys of Small Town Living!

I grew up out in the country, and I loved it.  With a 10 acre woods behind my house I always had something to do.  From hunting raspberries to climbing trees, there was no other place I would have wanted to grow up!

A few years ago when we started looking for a house we looked at some "country" houses, but couldn't find anything we liked enough.  So we settled for a house in a small town.  Right across the street is a city park, and trust me...with a 3 year old, we use it a lot!

Earlier this summer when the heat was so bad, we saw a group show up at the city park across the street from our house.  I remembered seeing a flier at the local grocery store about "Water in the Park."  So we went over to check it out.

With temperatures in the upper 90's with high humidity the local volunteer firemen decided to do this event.  They hooked up their trucks to a fire hydrant, and then ran hoses out into the lawn of the park.  They turned things on, and boom, water in the park!  They had the two sprayers, and then they got one mounted on top of the truck and made quite a shower.  When they gave the go ahead, the kids went nuts running through the water!  And did they ever!

Eli was a little nervous to go by himself, so I decided that it wouldn't kill me.  We ran to the water and right away we started having fun.  And trust me I wasn't the only adult enjoying the "kids" day at the park.

After a couple of runs with Dad, Eli was ready to go on his own.  He ran and ran through the water.  After a little while they pulled out a 4 foot wide plastic table runner, and turned it into a slip and slide.  The kids really had a good time with that.

After a while was SOAKED!  He said it was one of the best days ever!
The community really enjoyed the water, and they had popcorn and drinks for everyone.  When I take the headphones off, I am happy to hang them up in a small town!

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