Monday, June 29, 2015

Just trying to help...It's what I do...

So we all get those scam calls on our cell phones.

"You qualify for the government to give you three million dollars!"

"A rich lady in South Africa wants to send you a bazillion dollars, all we need is your social security number!"

Most of the time you just hang up...not be!  I love life.

So earlier today my phone rings "unknown"...Yep, I answered it.  A man, with a thick Muslim accent, obviously in a call center comes on the line.  His name is Charles Sampson, (yeah right!)

"Hello sir this is Charles Sampson, and I am calling for Publisher's Clearing House.  You have heard of us, right?

Me - "Sure I have.  Is it my lucky day?"

CS - "Sir I am calling to inform you that you have won one of the prizes in our big giveaway.  Do you have a pen and a clean piece of paper?" (I am not sure why the paper had to be clean.)

Me - "Give me just a second Chuck so I can find the paper, and make sure it is clean.  Is it okay if I call you Chuck?"

CS - "That's fine sir, just let me know when you are ready to write something down."

Me - "OK, got a pen, and a piece of paper, but it's not that clean, will that be okay?"

CS - "Oh, yes, write down this number for your prize code"

Me - "Ready when you are Charlie, can I call you Charlie?"

CS - "Here is the prize code, (reads off a series of numbers and letters). Now, I am going to give you a toll free number you need to call to claim your prize."

Me - "Well Charlie, why do I need to call a separate number if I am already of the phone with you?"

CS - "Oh, sir, I just am the delivery man for the prizes, you have to call this number to claim the prize."

Me - "Chuck, if you are the delivery man, just swing it by my have my address don't ya."

CS - "Oh, sir that is not the procedure"

Me - "OK Charles...let me help ya hear...if you are going to run a phone scam, you need to tighten up your game a little bit.  Too many holes in your story...Lets work on that for the next guy..."

At this point he told me to do something to my mother that I AM SURE is against their Muslim religion, and hung up on me...

See what happens when I try to help people...