Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to Upgrade!

So for the last few weeks, The wife and I have been looking for a different vehicle for her to drive. The Blazer she had was getting up in miles. And it was getting to the point it was starting to nickel and dime us to death with repairs and things like that. So we decided to trade it in. We decided on a Ford Edge. We did some dealin' with our local Ford dealer, who just happens to be a sponsor on my radio show. There were a few things we were looking for. It had to have the Vista roof. No, that is not a bad Windows program that runs the roof. It is a dual sunroof that pretty much makes the entire roof glass. Eli really loves to look at the clouds, or the stars through the roof. The other MUST was the Sync system. That is the computer installed that links your phone and Mp3 player with the car. You push a button and tell it to "Play Garth Brooks" and it does. Plus you can tell it to "Call Mom Mobile" and it plays the calls through the car speakers. Really cool stuff. So once we told the dealer all the stuff we wanted...he went to work to find it. It took a couple of weeks. But then I get a call, and he tells me to come take a look. It was everything we wanted. So this past weekend, we did the deal, and now Sarah has a new car to drive. Here is the beauty sitting in our driveway.

So we are really enjoying the new car. And Eli LOVES to ride in the EDGE!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An End to An Era....

Well, it was a sad day Monday around 99.3 WCJC. For the past 6 plus years, I have been here on my morning show every day I was suppose to. Now, that doesn't include vacation days that were planned. I had to call in sick for the first time.

This was all set into motion on Friday morning when I get a call from my wife saying that Eli was sick at daycare. So my parents were nice enough to go pick up the little sicky boy. I was scared to death that I was going to catch his flu bug. And this weekend would not have been the weekend for any of us to get sick. Saturday our day was full of plans including a dinner with my in-laws for Valentines day. And then Sunday I was scheduled to sing at church.

So after getting Eli home Friday evening, and he is starting to act like he is feeling better. Good! We all wake up Saturday feeling fine. Hmmm, maybe this flu bug is going to miss us. We go to dinner, which was wonderful! As we get home Saturday night, I was getting to bed thinking, man I hope I don't get sick through the night, because I still have to sing in church.

Sunday I wake up early because I have to sing in both services. I feel fit as a fiddle. Sweet. So the singing goes really good. I will have to post the video as soon as I get it.

We head to my folks house Sunday after church, and Sarah starts to feel sick. Ohhh no, maybe we aren't through the flu. So she feels crumby all day. So as I go to bed, I feel great....until I get up with Eli around midnight. I take a drink of water, and BOOM....I feel it hit my stomach, and I know that the flu bug had got me.

I was up through the night until around 5:00am. I called someone from work, and said, "I am not sure what to do. This is a first."

So they get things taken care of, and I miss my first day of work in over 6 years. My sports guy said it best...The Brett Favre starting streak is over...but I am now back to my "Life in Headphones."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So what have I been up to?

I know 95% of blogs start with "Sorry I've been away for so long" or "I've been busy"...

Well, I have done both of those in previous posts, so this time, lets get right to it!

Work has been crazy. We got through the holidays. Lots of fun stuff around here, from "Topping off the Trailer", Angel Tree with the Salvation Army and a whole lot more.

Got through the New Year, and then around a month ago, we had a big change in the Morgan household.

Yes, that is a cast on Eli's leg. So how did it happen? If you ask Eli, he will tell you..."Daddy did it." It is true, I did do it. Now, before you call Child Protective Services, let me explain.

We were at a birthday party for one of our friends kids. They have a big heated garage, and that is where the part was. It was winding down, and we were planning on hanging out with them after the party.

So Eli was playing on a tricycle that was in the garage. Since it was too hard for him being the great dad that I am, I start pushing him around the garage on the tricycle. Oh what great fun we were having, UNTIL....

Eli's left foot comes off the pedal, goes between the pedal and the wheel, and twists around. As you are cringing reading that, just imagine the fright that I had when I look down and see it. So we get him out...he is screaming. We take the shoe and sock off the foot...and he is not calming down at all.

After a few minutes of trying to get him to calm down, we decide to take him to E.R. On the way to the hospital, he falls asleep in the back seat. So we are thinking, maybe just a sprain. After X-Rays, the doctor comes in and lets us know that it is indeed broken. They put a splint on his leg, and send us home. A few days later we have to go see a specialist about his leg. He lets us know that he has to re-set the bone. This involves him being put under anesthesia.

He goes through the procedure just fine. And now he has a "red Boo-Boo leg." So he can't walk on it, so there is a lot of crawling, and a lot of carrying our heavy two-year old. But it is not slowing him down one bit. He is climbing up on furniture, playing with our dog, and doing all the things a two year old would do. So this is just something we have to get through, and I think Eli will come away just fine!