Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Leah is on the move!

So earlier in the week, Leah turn 9 months old.  And just days before she did, she started crawling.  This is going to mean lots of getting up and down to keep her out of things.  Sarah and I were thinking back to when Eli started crawling.  He was a really good baby.  Not getting into much.  Listening when we told him no....

Leah is the complete opposite.  Over and over again she will get into the same things.  And when she gets something she is not suppose to, out come the tears.  She makes it sound as if we are beating her.  She has her mother's mood!  Just kidding honey!

But here are a few shots of our little crawler!

So for now, I am having to take off the headphones to go chase down my little girl.  I will have an Eli update soon!

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