Friday, January 25, 2013

A change for the better!

So with a new year, a lot of people join gyms...and my wife and I are no different.  We started in the middle of January.  And so far, I have to say, I LOVE IT!  I have no dreams of being a body builder, or even running a marathon, but I want to get in better shape.  That is my goal.

We have a schedule worked out, and I go three times a week.  It gives me a chance to have a break from the kids, and just get everything off my mind.

In no means am I an aerobic superstar, but I am getting better every day.  I usually walk/jog on the treadmills.  I love to do a few miles on a bike, and even lift a few weights from time to time.  I just want to lose the gut, and be able to run after the kids without requiring oxygen.

So wish me luck.

And yes, I take my headphones a long to enjoy some music.

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